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Long Time No Talk

I know how much you’ve missed me… I’ve been missing you too. And that’s on the real.

I think, all of you, will be happy to know, I’m reading my second book since the year 2009. I’m bound and determined to finish what I’ve  started. I ask that you stay with me, through my hiatus?

The book I’m reading, is “fiction”.

To tell the truth I’m not a fan of fiction. I thrive on real life stories of people who have survived addictions, abuse, and illnesses.

I love when people dig into themselves and all their obstacles life has given them.

The book, I’m reading, might be based on SOME truths. In my opinion!

I believe the Lord does give us visions and dreams. I have written about them in some of my blogs.

Yes, the book is about an encounter with God!

One time, I dreamed, I was walking on clouds in the sky.Walking cotton ball after cotton ball. For miles.

To my right there were tables with blinding white tablecloths. There were people of all kinds surrounding these tables.

They all had porcelain skin, skin so radiant their glow would guide you through any black night. They were watching me, and I them.

The walk didn’t seem to bother me.

I felt time on my side, and nothing hanging on my shoulders. I felt like a piece of fuzz from a dandelion someone blew into the air.

The people whom turned my head, appeared the same way.

In front of me, far into the distance.

I seen a woman with her hand up. She waved back and forth, like a flag in a gentle breeze. At first I squinted my eyes, and forehead, in wonder, who this could be?

I got closer, and  recognized my Grandma.

She looked to be in her late forties early fifties. Her skin smooth and radiant just like I described the other people to you..

Her hair was short, black, thick, freshly, curled, and set. I waved back at her as she stared into my eyes, with that smile that lit up her cheeks. I had to keep moving with the clouds and she kept moving too, staying in the distance, letting me know she’s always with me.

A GIFT from God, I BELIEVE to get me through the times we are not together…

Fiction or Non Fiction?

You’re FREE to decide.

12 thoughts on “Long Time No Talk

  1. In my opinion all good fiction has a basis in fact and vice versa. Glad you’re enjoying your hiatus and I await further developments. If you finish your book than you are two ahead of me. I stopped reading books when my eyes got worse and have never started again, although I read a lot on the Internet and here at Word Press. ~~dru~~

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    1. I agree with your statement on fiction and, viceversa. I didn’t know you had problems with vision. I have a hundred pages to go then before I trump ya! I enjoy hearing from you, dru!


    2. Blinks at you. I don’t know how well you can actually use or what you see, but for this moment I am still glowing within known possibilities. next to my feet is my book on tape machine. the cassette thing is still rightly closeted… it is from the library of the blind and physically handicapped and a gift to hear them aloud sometimes. I couldn’t have finished them all without a few read aloud to me. red storm rising, tom clancy; war and peace, tolstoy – neither of which I actually liked very much either! but i am glad to have somehow defeated the blocks. I have utilized closed circuit video enlargers magnifyers as well. but i don’t entirely lack a “field” of vision just have burnt out cones blurring some of the spots I read through….o and a cataract. I very often must read real print anymore without my glasses as it’s just that way, mine make things smaller if clearer small is a bother obviously. I can’t say I’ve never seen/heard a kindle but they’re not exactly the same thing. but whether you may benefit from one device or another or might just politely decline at this time, I hope you’re aware I care you have a chance at the joys if such is workable for you. even if it’s braille which i couldn’t get past k.’s as i was apparently too busy doing the dots….as an impolite joke went. I wouldn’t want you deprived of the connective voice in your tin can…echoing 😉


  2. To me it was as though you were being comforted by this dream. I think that’s how it will be when we get to heaven ; we’ll recognize our other loved ones, but it will be a heavenly body! Take care Shelley…

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  3. 🙂 stories: that’s not all folks, mel blank and regrettably forgotten ghost writer, I took from it like I had never before heard it mentioned the differences of a lifetime culture. a 40’s era man would be humiliated to have a wife who worked, for instance. obviously costs and living styles based against common opportunities leave us to see that era has left. to put it swiftly. another non fiction is “Icebound” I believe it”s dr jeri neilson whom got breast cancer at the south pole…but very much shows a woman who fought before and after for a voice of her own and not without criticism despite her success in achievements. difficult first marriage divorce, many whom my source said for me on hearing the lady’s name as they knew her outright said it was drama she was drama forever drama and come on her story a doctor? she had to have known attention seeker! obviously remarrying and unfortunately losing to a later batter she had her time and i a dream of the south pole… i live in a state where it’s ten degrees except now this week lol warmer and finally aint freezing! sneaky for me diabetes changed my ability to accept my home most of my life’s climate! so obviously I can without coat/long sleeves endure the most basic interview which is hurricane a/c for long enough to see you can actually stand much of what is a half a year in real cold. obviously now? nope. but this was fourteen years ago or so ago whn i could dream which lead me to a failed that moment gear up to pursue 2nd college which i did later still and …. … 😉 …. but watch how she paints a picture of betrayal losing her children to divorce’s choice.or “everything” it’s a fine book, whether you are her fan or not. I’d have to relook the actual title but atop of the world beirster, whom climbed everest 7 was it times? spending 2 and a half total years on the mountain combining. I know i’m normally no fan of sportsy books but something of the seeming ability to convey how one must actually work within physical training and it’s not everyone has it abilities, nor other required skills was important to me spiritual soul. I shudder to think I would take 20 breaths to take a single steps but know well the slog kickstep he most likely means in higher altitudes …which as fatigue getting me on my flatlanding gets me make me throw motion my his/leg in a cir to take the step…thus expending even more energy when i was gassed to begin with! it also covers in a glossing way how he dealt with losing lifelong friends to this adventure yet how funding works is that one must collect it or team with it and thus friends aren’t always on the same journeys but keep up. how he had to long distance with actually family and so on. this attention to life has blurred in betweens of a gentleman in the america’s cup and life truly sailing which might trip on that old crosby stills and nash song, southern cross – why twice you ran away. or the baseball pitcher and how often it’s shuddering how that caliber player must live yet so shallowly as it helps actually even if we think it’s a big ol party with the stars of a city sport…nah not really. they’ve work. they work till there’s little left and usually go home. I mean i can look these up later but something says you’d maybe like one of them…maybe. 😀 — however you seem to write of a dream. I am remind in that last or was it firsts of how one can stand the seperation as you see but more feel that peace it is okay. be calm, they radiate as we await our returns to together.. that catches me oddly as i want one if you who i see grace my pages surely have read isn’t picking me at the present 😀 to put it truthfully. how can i see the real liffe image of someone seperated enjoying a world with less room for me? did I sniff sniff matter…shhhh of course, maybe and or heck surely but there is a lot here to read and a lot left i just don’t know like how I surely lack information on this subject be it withheld or i block it. I want my pal. will i get so fortunate? something whispers I should be careful as in many instances i could none good but not all of them horrendous either. i would learn by dreams something supposedly to help me understand or cope. we’ll just list that dream’s shade as fifty of same said all grey and say, perhaps but one moment isn’t a whole lifetime always. but is it room for more? I will of course find out one way or another. a part of me knows the smile i feel I have lost isn’t but this wasn’t the whole of the story.. I laugh too in a way as you’re posts mirror my bloodwork lol to the days. my news has improved even if my romantic chances haven’t. but i’m employed and perhaps i’m spared the worst of “it” for now as if justly so. not every word in every story is mine but this comment sure says i’m quite the hog of a moment or words! 😀 oops.


    1. I will check the book “Icebound” out. I currently have started on another one, because I started it and never finished. I have read where you found a job. One reason why I work, work helps me block a lot of things I should not think so much about. I’m glad you stopped by!


      1. now now 😀 suggesting books people might actually read sure is a pleasure 😉 – oh and as for the Karluck story 😉 watching SCIENCE *atheism’ bosom pal) take one in the shorts? 😀 priceless! pity about the people though.

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