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Long Time No Talk

I know how much you’ve missed me… I’ve been missing you too. And that’s on the real.

I think, all of you, will be happy to know, I’m reading my second book since the year 2009. I’m bound and determined to finish what I’ve ┬ástarted. I ask that you stay with me, through my hiatus?

The book I’m reading, is “fiction”.

To tell the truth I’m not a fan of fiction. I thrive on real life stories of people who have survived addictions, abuse, and illnesses.

I love when people dig into themselves and all their obstacles life has given them.

The book, I’m reading, might be based on SOME truths. In my opinion!

I believe the Lord does give us visions and dreams. I have written about them in some of my blogs.

Yes, the book is about an encounter with God!

One time, I dreamed, I was walking on clouds in the sky.Walking cotton ball after cotton ball. For miles.

To my right there were tables with blinding white tablecloths. There were people of all kinds surrounding these tables.

They all had porcelain skin, skin so radiant their glow would guide you through any black night. They were watching me, and I them.

The walk didn’t seem to bother me.

I felt time on my side, and nothing hanging on my shoulders. I felt like a piece of fuzz from a dandelion someone blew into the air.

The people whom turned my head, appeared the same way.

In front of me, far into the distance.

I seen a woman with her hand up. She waved back and forth, like a flag in a gentle breeze. At first I squinted my eyes, and forehead, in wonder, who this could be?

I got closer, and  recognized my Grandma.

She looked to be in her late forties early fifties. Her skin smooth and radiant just like I described the other people to you..

Her hair was short, black, thick, freshly, curled, and set. I waved back at her as she stared into my eyes, with that smile that lit up her cheeks. I had to keep moving with the clouds and she kept moving too, staying in the distance, letting me know she’s always with me.

A GIFT from God, I BELIEVE to get me through the times we are not together…

Fiction or Non Fiction?

You’re FREE to decide.


First Fiction short story (ever)

He barely lifted his head up off his giant dark cherry wood desk covered in papers,awaking from another good time the night before,he sees the sun creeping in from the thick wooden blinds in his office it makes his head hurt even worse,he draws his wrist in to see the time on his gold Rolex watch and knocks over the small thick glass of liquid all over his desk. He mumbles a few curse words but don’t have the energy for much else.

He puts his hands down flat on the desk to assist him in pushing himself up out of his chair as he stands up he brushes off the remains of the white powdery substance that dusted his Armani blazer,as he walks towards the window he can’t help but notices how his degree on the wall stands out because without it the wall would be empty, he admires his freshly painted burgundy wine walls that define his franklin sofa and chairs, looking up at the tray ceiling begins to make him dizzy, but he gets distracted by the chatter and laughter outside he gently peeks through his wooden blinds as if he’s trying to be sneaky and sees two small children with their parents playing in water fountain in front of his downtown office, he slowly looks away and walks back over to his desk sits back down bleakly staring at the beautiful freshly painted wall in front of him. The silence of the dark room overwhelms him with grief no one has ever been so truthful.