Sunday Blog-Beque! All invited!

I am a newer blog myself but have noticed some of my fellow followers are new as well. This may be a great opportunity for them as well. Thank you Ritu for the invite to your Blogg-Beque!

But I Smile Anyway...

Invites to all! Invites to all!

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I feel that I have been able to gain so many new readers through events like this, and find amazing and interesting new blogs to follow myself,  that I would love to invite you all to one of my own!

As it’s getting warmer, I thought I’d be typically British, and get the barbeque out, seeing as we have had a glimmer of sunshine!

I’d love for you to use this post as a place to share your blog, write a few words introducing yourself, and your blog website address, so people can click and see what your blog is all about. Share the post as well so your own readers can benefit from some ‘blog-beque networking’ too!

All I ask in return is that you make sure you click on some of the other blogs that are on the thread too, and hey, lets all…

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Blog-Beque! All invited!

    1. Thank you for checking my blog, your the second person who mentioned my tag line. I appreciate the comment and follow it means a bunch. I have had some struggles with readers and followers but not to long ago I was thinking maybe its not a big deal because I want people to genuinely like what I write, I don’t want them to stay just because they feel obligated. However it’s always nice to have someone at least nicely tell you why they did’nt stay…. I am going to check out your blog in a bit my husband is sitting here begging me for some attention.I tend to be long winded at times. Thank you again!

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  1. I’m coming over from Ritu’ s blog-beque. I’ve had a blog for a while but I’m still trying to find my way. I’m working on it. I had a lot of problems I had (and are still rectifying regarding Facebook, Google+ and WordPress) so it’s been an ordeal. Add to that that I’m not exactly tech savvy, which doesn’t help.

    Nice to meet both of you and good luck with your blogs. Mine is http://relationspdbeverly.wordpress.com.

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    1. What kind of problems are you having with Google plus, Facebook, etc? I had lots of problems. One time. I accidently changed my whole web address it took weeks or more to fix the problem. A fellow blogger helped me out by talking to a staff from the site. I am not tech savy either. Sometimes I have to have things repeated over and over to learn them. I think it’s been over a year and I know how to tag my blog, post, comment also share links and reblog. Things have got easier but it took awhile. Thank you for the luck and commenting I wish you well too and am willing to help if I can…


      1. I have a web designer working on it now. With Google+, I received a notification on my cellphone about someone who attempted to gain access to my account. I changed my password but it acted funny for the next six months. I ended up having to have my phone reset to factory specifications. With Facebook, I didn’t have a fan page, only an Admin page so I had a lot of issues with getting likes and friends so we had to start an entirely new page. Now I have an old page that I will have to close. Afterwards, I will have to import what’s not showing up on my author page. Who knew it would be this difficult?

        I’m still not good with coming up with topics or with finding free pics for my blog but we’ll get it together and so will you. Thanks for your offer. I may take you up on it someday!

        I want to add Twitter but I’ve got to get FB, Google+, Goodreads and WordPress straight first. 🙂

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      2. Your right I mean who knew… I am on this facebook site there is lots of information especially for people who blog for money, diy, and home schooling. I have not shared my link on there because I feel like most of those people are wanting ideas and tips about life. I basically write about my childhood and things going on in my life kind of like a journal ya know? There have been certain little things I have learned or found interesting I am sorry I can’t name them right now but maybe you should check it out people are always asking technical questions. I will be back I got to get the link.


      3. I’m going to let my web designer do her thing first but I have been referring to the FB FAQs. Sometimes you need to confer with someone in real time. I wish they at least had a chat line. I began with FB at first to get more exposure for my first novel but I only had an Admin page, which did not work out well. You live and learn, I guess.


      4. Yes! You live and learn. Congratualtions on your novel and thanks for the chit chat I don’t get lots of that around here so its appreciated. Your blog looks nice Pamela and I will read more. I have learned the more you read around here the better and it helps come up with ideas on our own writing. Thanks again looking foward to staying in touch!


      5. They are so organized I agree. I bet you are too it might not seem that way. I want to tell you Pam I would appreciate to here a opinoin especially if it will help my writing. I am new to writing and blogging all together. I took one basic english class a while back ago and the teacher encourged me to keep writing and said she hoped to see me again but in the meantime in between time practice practice practice so here I am and any feed back would be nice. Your nice thanks for the talk and the time I appreciate it!


  2. Not like theem (organized). Not by a long shot.

    Okay. First lesson: “You’re”, not “your” and the word English should be capitalized. I’ve been out of school for a long time but when I am unsure, I utilize a Thesaurus, spell check and a dictionary. Get in the habit of using them, especially when you’re about to post something. 🙂


    1. When I reply on my comments I am not sure how to use spell check? Can you run by me real quick or an example of when I should use “your” and your”re cause I don’t understand the reason behind them. I am aware I need help in this area. Thank you.


      1. You can’t use it unless you’re on a computer. Words come up on a tablet that you can select as well. I believe it’s under View. Even on a tablet or phone, you can look up words using Google or some other search engine. You can also purchase a pocket dictionary and Thesaurus.


  3. I am joining the Facebook group you mentioned. I have not added or connected by blog with any of the other things like Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram because I just don’t feel I have the time or the inclination to learn about all of those. Baby steps. I am enjoying the blogging experience and will keep working with it.

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