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Writing 101 Free Birdie

Todays writing 101 prompt: Unlock The Mind. Take twenty minutes to free write. It doesn’t matter if what you write is incomplete, or nonsense, or not worthy of the “publish” button.


I have to admit this first assignment for blogging 101 is quite nerve-racking. I’m hoping towards the end I’m better than I was. My English teacher told me on my last day of class “practice makes perfect”. I believe in the philosophy and also in myself. Like some, I don’t always look forward to sitting down with a pen and paper. I literally force myself, afterwards not only do I feel better but also accomplished. It’s the one thing I literally do for myself. Maybe that is wrong when you have a blog with followers? Someone asked me yesterday if having a following was  a goal of mine? I sat down and thought about the question, and  I can’t answer that right now. Maybe someday when the gridlock breaks, Yes. For now its all mambo jumbo. From most things I read it may stay that way…

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