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Daily Post – Waiting Room

This was originally posted in July 2014.

Life In My Tin Can red rug

PromptWaiting Room Good things come to those who wait.” Do you agree? How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want?

This is an older post originally from July 2014, but to me it fit so well with the waiting room theme. My blog is fixed for now until we hit turbulence again. Over the years I have grown to like a bit of a malfunction because of the aftermath it has on us, were never the same just a bit rearranged…

My one year anniversary is coming up and If I learned anything it’s that blogging takes lots of patients and time. Blogging does not just happen overnight eventually it comes to you in bits but nothing more and a whole lot of less.

I should really explain myself.

Before signing on with this blogging platform, I went out on the internet to try to figure…

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8 thoughts on “Daily Post – Waiting Room

      1. Oh!! Good… I must have got lost in all the notifications, sorry. 🙂 OM reblogged my post and I am swamped now, but that’s a good thing… Apart from not noticing who already follow me, but sometimes I can only see the blog title and not your name, to confuse me even more, lol.

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