Daily Post

Daily Post (Turn The Table)

Prompt:   Someone’s left you a voicemail message, but all you can make out are the last words: “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.” Who is it from, and what is this about?

You had finally called me that day to tell me you were sorry for the last year of not knowing what you wanted…

You had decided to pursue  this relationship.

You asked me if you could call me after you got off work.

I was thrilled

You said it would be pretty late around ten or eleven but the time was fuzzy.

Ten came and ten went.

Eleven came and eleven went.

Twelve came and twelve went.

One O Clock  my grief was more like the death of  a loved  one.

I walked down the long dark hallway.

I  laid  diagonal  across my roommates four-post bed.

The black night was like a spotlight on the white cordless phone.

I dialed up the storyline and played it over  and over again in hopes the line would beep and I could click over to my happiness.

I don’t know how long  I held on to  the phone that night but I do know how long I have held on to you.

Today I wanted to tell you it was over.

I am in love for the second time in my life.

My husband and Son

Sorry for your loss!

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