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Daily Post – Waiting Room

Prompt Waiting Room Good things come to those who wait.” Do you agree? How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want?

This is an older post originally from July 2014, but to me it fit so well with the waiting room theme. My blog is fixed for now until we hit turbulence again. Over the years I have grown to like a bit of a malfunction because of the aftermath it has on us, were never the same just a bit rearranged…

My one year anniversary is coming up and If I learned anything it’s that blogging takes lots of patients and time. Blogging does not just happen overnight eventually it comes to you in bits but nothing more and a whole lot of less.

I should really explain myself.

Before signing on with this blogging platform, I went out on the internet to try to figure out where to start it directed me to a few places. For some reason those platforms did not work out. They just didn’t  feel right. Some of them connected me to other sites of mine and it wasn’t what I was looking for. I wanted something low-key at first so after I was established I would share it with others, if I felt the need.

When climbing on board here there was no one helping me I never blogged before. I didn’t know what a dashboard was, a theme, I wrestled with was a text a post, how do I find people all this along with barely any typing skills whatsoever. Which still need some working on along with my grammar.

What started this blogging idea was I took an english  class a few years ago where I first learned to write an essay. I know that’s awful being a bit slower in school, not paying attention to the teacher, and worrying about everyone else and what they were doing has me feeling regretful at thirty-seven. If there was one thing I could go back and do it would be school. I would have tried harder, focused  more on my school work than my life outside school. Some of that was not all my fault but that’s another post.

When I took this English class and applied myself, It opened me up to a whole new world. What it did was expanded my vocabulary a bit and  Instead of jabbering on paper like I used to. I was writing stories about my life and somewhat staying on the subject. Which allowed me to share my life where people could somewhat understand.

I have done everything the hard way my whole life. Even things out of my power. When I was twelve I had congenital heart defect and had to get a bunch of angioplasty  where the doctor threads a thin tube through a blood vessel in my groin up to the involved site in the valve. Then he expands the valve with a balloon. They did this every year from eight till thirteen it was no longer effective. Then they had to go in and open up my heart, which wasn’t even the hard part. Days after many sleepless nights of hard breathing. My grams  noticed I was filling up with water. because of a pocket on my back had got so full she could see the water, also known as Congestive heart failure. Four hours from drowning in my own fluid they rushed me into surgery putting a chest tube right into my incision and drained more than two liters of water off me.I know its come to past but it is still a great part of the person I have become. Thankful for my life.

I understand that the struggle of blogging is not that severe but it still has been challenging to me because it’s a process of reading, learning, and trying to figure things out by asking questions and waiting days for responses, trying to make it half way presentable since presentation has lots to do with the people you may or may not pull in. Since this has been more for my well-being for now I have thrown the presentation to the wind. When I get the time to write these days it just feels so good to me. So writing is my focus.

I also believe our struggles brings us to our greatest joys.

In my basic college English class we read a book it’s not letting me tell you what it is but it’s about a kid who is now an author who got grounded as a little boy. He had to write obituaries for an old lady who was appointed this job in their small town they lived in. To me he really didn’t deserve to get grounded but that’s my opinion. He really gets a lot of static from kids cause he can’t do things like play ball or got to the movies, even playing outside in his own yard! his mother makes him mow the lawn, take care of the animals and even help her barter so their family can eat  while others kids get the life of Riley!

In my book report at the end of the class. I wrote lets face it nothing good comes out of life without a struggle. Jack Gantos wouldn’t have been able to write this book without his childhood. Sometimes those are the best stories and builds character.

You end up appreciating things when they don’t come easy and fast.

The other day at an origami party I made a necklace with a memorial to my twins who passed away five years ago in premature labor. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I also put my little guy in there because he couldn’t be left out and neither could my husband, at the end  of the party the host said what about you what do you like to do? don’t you want to put something in their that represents what you like?

Yes! I like to write I have a blog. Do you have a pin charm? No I am sorry we don’t. My response as usual that’s okay I will wait.



5 thoughts on “Daily Post – Waiting Room

    1. Yes, I agree. Which leads me to say I hope it shows through my the things I write that I am grateful and that lots of good has come out of the hard times… Thank you Diane for everything I know you hear it a lot if we lived closer we would go have lunch my treat!

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