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Day Two: A Room with a view. Today’s Prompt: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

The man in his room on the edge of his bed

A glare on the floor from the light overhead

No pictures or paintings on his four corner walls

No radio or t.v from my view in the hall

One braille book on his pale white chair

The glare from the floor piercing my stare

He started to pray about all he had

He said thanks for the good and bad

The halls were quiet no soul in sight

The peace was different in those halls that night!

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The Letter

Day Five: Be Brief

Today’s Prompt: You stumble upon a random letter on the path. You read it. It affects you deeply, and you wish it could be returned to the person to which it’s addressed Write a story about this encounter. 

I left the bar earlier than everyone else that night. My car was in the parking lot across the brick road. The air was muggy making it hard to breath. I swiftly looked both ways mainly using my Peripheral vision, there were a few street lights but no soul in sight, My keys were in my hand as I galloped across the road I worked on finding my door key so when I got to my car I could hurry up and get in. I walked up to my door and unlocked it. I climb inside, put the key into the ignition, look up to see a letter on my windshield. I wrestled with my thoughts before grabbing the letter off my window.

Hey Which,

I saw you hit my car. I took down your plates!


phew wee, this isn’t my letter. I crinkle it up and give it a toss!

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Writing 101 More Mumbo Jumbo

Prompt: Write about three most important songs in your life- what do they mean to you? Today’s twist you’ll commit to writing practice. This is all free writing emty your mind onto the page. Don’t censor yourself; Let the emotions or memories connected to your three songs carry you.

I have never been one to be real attached to music to where I go crazy over artist or a song I don’t know all the names of songs on the radio or the bands I just listen and if it happens to be a song I enjoy then I play it until something else comes along

the songs that came to mind when I read this prompt was Paint Me A Birmingham by Tracy Lawrence I love the way he describes the outside of the house with the porch, swing, the edge of town i have it all pictured in my mind looking like a decent size cottage with more front yard then back not to many neighbors and just enough trees to where it don’t hide the house. I have lived in a Mobile home the majority of my life and ache for the day we find this house.

The next song that came to my mind is In The Air Tonight Phil Collins My first best friend ever was a girl I met in kindergarten or the first grade can’t remember she came right up to me in daycare and started playing with me the friendship took off from their she was the first friend I had and went to stay the night with she lived with her mother in an apartment her mom would have friends over and they would read to us, fix supper, and just include us in their visits for some reason when we all laid down at night her moms room was next door to my friend’s room this song would always play in the middle of the night at the time the song was erie I laid there while my friend sawed logs wondering if her mother was okay a few years later her mom died of a heart attack when my dad told me she died I was so young I kind of new something was different but not like the impact it has on me now in my older age my ears are aching, I can hardy swallow, and I’m crying not just for the loss of her mom but the friendship when grams and dad took me to the funereal she was quiet, shy, and withdrawn one point when I walked up to her she hid behind a relative and hung her head down staring at the floor I realize there was lots going on for her that I myself could not imagine since her mother was all she had but if she is out there reading this somewhere someday you have always been in my heart Nikki

The next song is silly and when the few people who know me especially my friend Christy will say give up woman but you all asked for it is by Bon Jovi Always the summer after high school the first guy I ever got to call my boyfriend for the whole month we dated plus got a lot of practicing kissing that is all we did was made out no more no less now so don’t let your imaginations runaway with you he had some things going on in his life that is not my business nor did he ever try to make it my business my mom says it’s a good thing and she was right since he walked away from the relationship before I ever  got to know him we didn’t have any turmoil so the relationship was not crumbled the crush was left where it was and what I made it to be my mom says sometimes its good to keep it there because it’s not what you have made it out to be she also told me we were young and some relationships have to do with timing and it was not the right timing Shelley it had nothing at all to do with you!

P.s I’m way behind and my assignments will be discombobulated!

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Writing 101 Free Birdie

Todays writing 101 prompt: Unlock The Mind. Take twenty minutes to free write. It doesn’t matter if what you write is incomplete, or nonsense, or not worthy of the “publish” button.


I have to admit this first assignment for blogging 101 is quite nerve-racking. I’m hoping towards the end I’m better than I was. My English teacher told me on my last day of class “practice makes perfect”. I believe in the philosophy and also in myself. Like some, I don’t always look forward to sitting down with a pen and paper. I literally force myself, afterwards not only do I feel better but also accomplished. It’s the one thing I literally do for myself. Maybe that is wrong when you have a blog with followers? Someone asked me yesterday if having a following was  a goal of mine? I sat down and thought about the question, and  I can’t answer that right now. Maybe someday when the gridlock breaks, Yes. For now its all mambo jumbo. From most things I read it may stay that way…

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“Places In The Heart”

Photo credit: www.Indb.com
Photo credit: http://www.Indb.com

Hello Fifty,

Sitting here at the kitchen table this A.m it’s cold, quiet and peaceful in the “Tin Can” an owl is outside hooting and I am at the table writing my thoughts down over a warm cup of coffee.

I sit here thinking about dropping Gabe off at school this morning, it’s becoming a daily thought. Every morning when dropping him off at school before he goes in, he turns around and blows me a kiss. Lately it’s been something I sit and wait for, even though the cars behind me are most likely in a rush? It’s our time, shortly it will be but another artifact that we tuck away in the chambers of our hearts.

The thing about the heart is it never gets full of all the places and moments we have been in. The more you open it up and stuff it with the Good things, when the bad things happen you always have a place to go.

Recently,I had to take a trip to the hospital. Lets not go into why, because it’s not my focus for the few people reading. However it does not down play that I was afraid. I laid their scared, cold, and worried that they wouldn’t get the problem under control or maybe they’re was more going on… After making a few phone calls and being to upset about the situation, I had to get a handle on myself and by doing so I go back to the phantoms of my yester years.

I closed my eyes

This particular memory reminds me of a warm blanket and it covers me and my fears.

The day was dark, foggy and rainy not the hard rain though more like a mist! I was not feeling well at all. A few days after my open heart surgery as a child, being a kid you don’t express your sickness the way you do when you’re an adult. This is why we have parents or what the definition is as a parent to me. My “step mom” Lin came up by herself for some reason and asked me how I was feeling? I didn’t say much but looking back from now to then, I didn’t have too. She pulled up a chair next to me and just sat there not saying a word. To be honest I couldn’t tell you how long she sat there either. When I did wake up she had put this giant red heart balloon with legs and a smiley face in place of where she sat.


though the day outside remained dark, wet, and ugly it lit everything up including myself. So I took that day and shoved it inside one of my chambers and you will forever be sitting there with your umbrella catching all the rain and reminding me in every dark place there is a little bit of light.

Once upon a time, “Grams” took my older brother and I too our first movie. The movie title has always been the title of how I get through life and where you will usually find me in the raising of my own son and it’s “Places In The Heart”



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I Want To Know What Love Is Not

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Prompt: We each have many types of love relationships — parents, children, spouses, friends. And they’re not always with people; you may love an animal, or a place. Is there a single idea or definition that runs through all the varieties of “love”?

Love is not always ready for love because you are

Love is not holding people hostage with money, secrets, lies, or pity

Love is not hitting someone or abusing them with words, such as stupid, ignorant, ugly, fat and looser

Love is not destroying someone elses happiness because you’re not

Love is not bragging to everybody what you have when they don’t, if your relationship or marriage is good people know it you do not need to post it up in neon flashing lights

Love does not hinder someones potential

Love is not living someone elses life for them, no can be just as healthy as yes

Love is not writing people off because there not living as you wish

Love is not for a certain class of people

love is not a word and it’s not for the weak!





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Memory Of The Loving (Fake Obituary)

Prompt: Write Your Obituary:

Shelley 37 of WordPress passed away during a vacation with her husband Steve thirty-nine and Gabe five. They were visiting Jersey Shore she wanted to introduce her son to the Ocean and had never been to the East Coast. During their visit to the shore her son swam out a bit to far in search for “Bikini Bottom” She was able to save him  as she handed him off to her husband Steve her feet got caught in an old fish net, before it took her under she told Steve she was so thankful it was her out there instead of the alternative. The cost of coming home without her son was a deadly one.

She was preceded  in death by her grandmother Norma and her two boys who were twins Gabe and Will who died shortly after birth.

Lucky To Be Alive, Father Dan (wife Lin), Mother Patty  (husband Larry), sibilings by oldest Nate wife (Tabitha)Jeramey, Tim and Jacob

Her funeral will be held at Liberty Island, New York, NY Statue of Liberty National Monument at midnight where we will throw her ashes out into the water from the torch. Before “The Toss” fireworks will light up the night sky and there will be a BANG!

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A memory of six years ago

The fog has separated these last six years where I am able to see ahead of me but every so often a bit of it drifts over in front of me and me being me I pull over to the side to wait for it to clear up again and forward I continue to go but slowly.

Two weeks after my twins passed away from being born premature, I had to go in for a check up at the doctor’s office. I checked in and sat down in the waiting room.

All the new babies and beautiful bellies were popping out in 3D. I was starting to develop a lump in my throat, being in a public place where no one knows what is going on with one another except happiness of the future. I didn’t want to have a break down and steel every ones thunder. So staring dead ahead is what helped me to stay focused enough not to lose it!

A lady I used to babysit for in my yester years walked up to the desk,it had been over seven or eight years since we seen or talked to each other, I thought about saying hello and decided it was not in my best interest. I put my head down and moved further back away from everyone.

The nurse called me back to see the doctor and my tears were able to start falling. When I got into the room  she was already in their waiting for me. She motioned me to sit down in the chair across from her. She put her hands on each side of my legs and asked me.

How are you feeling Shelley?


Do you want to hurt yourself?


Shelley I am sorry if I could give you a baby I would. Is there anything at all I can do to help you with your sadness?

Yes. Can you give me a minute alone in here?

She shook her head yes gave me a hug and walked out the door.

I tilted my head back on the wall, scooted down into the chair with my legs stretched straight out in front of me. I closed my eyes and pretended my stomach was full of active healthy babies kicking and rolling around the way they always did and that this was a regular visit, I pretended my due date was right around the corner and I would soon go into to full term labor, I pretended of my family uniting instead of fighting, I pretended of holding you in joy instead of this cold, dark hellish nightmare we were in and the doctor would come back in and tell me you were both doing wonderful, I didn’t want to lift my heavy head off the wall but when I did the small, empty, dull room greeted me to the truth.

I could hear all the staff chattering outside the door. I wondered what they all were thinking of me. I opened the door to my reality and what they had already known, about me. They extended their arms and apologies towards me because I am a grieving mother to two sweet boys in heaven.


Gabe and willy 08/04/08
” I ache for the day I can kiss your foreheads and hold you in my arms again” Danielle Walker


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Two days ago

The other day my little guy was sitting on my lap, which is few and far between these day. So while he was up their I thought I would take full advantage of the moment.

Me: So what is your favorite color?

Him: Red

Me: What is your favorite t.v show

Him: Sponge Bob (yea I know)

Me: What is your favorite game

Him: Sponge Bob (Don’t Judge)

Me: What is your favorite food

Him: Waffles

Me; Who is your favorite person

Him: You MOM!!!

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away”

This was one of those moments for me. I thought it was sharable.