Day One, Of Three, Quote Challenge

I have been nominated by Dru, three quotes for three days challenge, thank you for thinking of my blog. I look forward to reading more about your life!

When I read this quote, I think of my grandma, and her love for me. She had a box of things she saved, from my childhood. When she passed my dad gave the box to me. When I got to the bottom of the box there was a pink strip of paper. I grabbed the piece of paper out of the box and flipped it over. She had typed: “Shelley you have been a joy to my life and grandma loves you very much” I feel her love with me, even in her death.
When my son was born, I learned about boundaries and the meaning of them. I had to put him first as far as his safety was concerned, not just physically, mentally too. There are people, who are toxic and can ruin my son and his mind. I wish I could go into the story, but unfortunately it would not be right of me. I can still love them but form a distance. I have been able to do this with ease now. If I set a boundary on behalf of my family I do so, to live out our plan, to raise my child the way I wish.
This used to be my “tag line” for my blog. If you read my post, you know my search is internal. I’ve realized freedom in the spirit not earthly but heavenly.

These challenges should be for anyone who wants to do them. I’m not sure, why certain people have to be picked. Who knows. I have waited a long time to participate in this challenge. I’m going to spare you on how long. I should have just hopped on the train and not cared. I should have done the challenge anyway. If it’s in you, to hop on board, the three-day challenge of quotes, don’t let this dinky linky blog hold you back!!

11 thoughts on “Day One, Of Three, Quote Challenge

  1. Oh Shellb I’m so glad it was me that nominated you. I have no idea where this started, and I understand the reason for nominations…it is because it brings “traffic” to your blog BUT I THINK, your idea of who ever wants to; DO IT is just PURRFECT. I 2nd the motion of whoever wants to with the caveat that each day you “showcase” someone’s blog you enjoy so your readers can follow the link and perhaps find a new “friend”. Thank you for your visits to me, I enjoy your posts too and today’s quotes were so uplifting and personal that they almost made me cry….in joy not sadness. ~~dru~~

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    1. I can roll with the showcase comment. I do see your point. I gave people the opportunity today, in case they’ve been waiting for their name to show up. I appreciate your comment and I’m thankful you picked me. I had fun, I’m glad you seen the joy in my post!



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