6 thoughts on “Deleted

      1. I wish I could tell the hole story. Then again I guess it doesn’t matter. It was rotten of me and I’ve moved on from it, I’m glad because, it was taken up negative energy.

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  1. I once made a fake Twitter page, used to contact someone I shouldn’t have. There was a huge sense of relief when I got rid of it, and I wish, for the life of me, I would have left well enough alone and accepted the silence between that person and I. It had, after all, been there for a reason.

    I hope the decision to delete your page makes you feel, more than anything else, free.

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    1. I just, like you so much. I’m free, A. It freed me up. I do wonder why it’s so hard to let things go… To the point, we hinder the good things, I do have. Thank you, for sharing that with me, because it lets me know, I’m not alone.

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