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To My Readers

First off, thank you for sticking with me, especially since I haven’t read a lot of your post lately.

Things are calming down, since our move. Yes, we moved! We found a three bedroom brick house.

We both agreed on it and went for it!

In the process, I got sick. Ear infection, bronchitis, and sinus. I was seen, three times in the last two months. My cough is still hanging on. I won’t lie. I just did not feel like reading or blogging. And our internet is still not hooked up.

I enjoy blogging on the computer, when I do blog. For now. My blog post will be short and sweet. There will be more reading, and less typing until we get back on the grid.

Hill Side Property
Hill Side Property

I’ve  not had time to doll up the house, yet. When I do, I will take you on a virtual tour!


11 thoughts on “To My Readers

  1. The house is beautiful! I know how brutal both house-hunting and bronchitis can be (I’m still doing the first and hoping to avoid the second), so know that you’ve been in this reader’s thoughts lately. I wish you and the family all the best in your new happy home.

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    1. Thank you, A. I’m feeling better in the bronchitis area, finally. However, now I got this stupid rash. If it isn’t one thing it’s another. I have been thinking of you as well. As a matter of fact, did you ever get your test results back? If you have, and wrote about them you’re more than welcome to send me the link? I appreciate your thoughts. They mean a bunch!

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  2. Like you… I haven’t been blogging or reading much either.. I did go away for a week with my sister…. and having trouble getting back into blogging and other things too.. .So glad you have your new home. Hope you’re a bit better by now.. Diane xx

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