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Apartment 116 Second Half

Dear Reader,

Do you remember back in April when I wrote this post? Please take a minute to read so you can catch up on this resident of mine. I like to refer to as “Emmet Brown”. You know “Doc” from Back To The Future”? The reason I have named this resident after “doc” is because of privacy laws, which is crucial in the medical field. I also want you to be able to imagine her, not just her looks but demeanor also.

Our facility is one level. I don’t know the square foot right off-hand. It is however a square, that goes in a circle. This way residents know where they’re going. The middle of the wall is lined with a thick wooden rail in case the residents need them for guidance, since they are without site or if they need a little support for balance.

“Emmet”used to do her laps (exercise) around the hall wearing her headphones with these Giant, black, circled sunglasses, singing Belinda Carlisle “Circle In The Sand” it goes something like this.

Sundown all around
Walking thru the summer’s end
Waves crash baby, don’t look back
I won’t walk away again
Oh, baby, anywhere you go,
We are bound together
I begin, baby, where you end
Some things are forever!
Circle in the sand
‘Round and ’round
Never ending love is what we’ve found
And you complete the heart of me
Our love is all we need
Circle in the sand
Cold wind, tide move in
Shiver in the salty air
Day breaks, my heart aches
I will wait for you right here.
Oh, baby when you look for me
Can you see forever?
I begin baby, where you end
We belong together
Circle in the sand
‘Round and ’round
Rising of the moon as the sun goes down
And you complete the heart of me
Our love is all we need
Circle in the sand
Circle in the sand
Baby can you hear me?
Can you…

Every time she sang the round and round part she would actually circle round in round. She’s a lover of music. I know this because of the fourteen years I have been there. I bet you would never guess that she used to teach piano, she has her bachelors in music, she plays the piano by ear, and if you want to know a name of song, person, or group who sings it just ask, nine times out of ten she can tell you. This is phenomenal, at least to me? We have more Helen Keller stories.

I don’t want to take anything away from Keller but did you know her teacher Johanna “Anne” Sullivan? Who also was legally blind? She contracted trachoma a highly infectious eye infection, when she was eight years old which left her blind without reading or writing skills. Her mother also died around this same time and her father abandoned her because he felt he could not raise her and her brother on her own. They were sent to an almshouse in Tewksbury Massachusetts, her brother suffered from a debilitating hip ailment and died as well. She remained at Tewksbury for four years. She had eye operations that offered relief for her eye pain but proved ineffective. I-am not going to  plagiarise the whole story. I just want to give you the background of another phenomenal person who walked a step behind, read the story when you get time. I read it with another resident of mine a few nights ago. We both were taken back by what we didn’t know about Anne.

The home has offered me more than a laugh and I hope I gave you that clarity in this post, Also a part of the world that you miss and I don’t. Have you not felt that way in your life? Where you asked yourself why can’t everyone experience this?

The other day in Emmets room giving her, her medicine she informs me she is “Pissed” I do a double take because she is not a social person except to the voices in her head.

Me: Why are you “Pissed”

Emmet: I called Recycled Records to ask him when Charles Hardin Holley (Also known as Buddy) Birthday was? He told me an a firm voice, “I don’t know call your local library and ask them”

Me: Did you call the local library

Emmet: I called the operator and she didn’t know the number to the “local library” nor did she know when Holley’s Birthday was…

Me: Emmet what made you think of this question

Emmett: I was listening to his song “Think It Over” and starting thinking over his Birthday….

I always ask questions. You learn from them. My residents have taught me things I didn’t  know or thought about and these things I will take with me and not forget because of the way they tell the story.

Charles Hardin Holley (September 7, 1936 – February 3, 1959)

Johanna “Anne” Mansfield Sullivan Macy (April 14, 1866 – October 20, 1936) She died holding Keller’s hand. What started out as a “Job” being a teacher ended in a life long friendship…

13 thoughts on “Apartment 116 Second Half

    1. Yes, I like the fact that we all became friends. I do hope they feel the same. I don’t expect all them to consider me such but I feel the same about all of them. Thanks for reading and commenting it’s appreciated.

      Diane, you mentioned once you follow people in email. I read a lot of my blogs in my email as well. Do you comment and like post from your email, if so can you explain how? I think you told me once but I need a refresh. when you have time, thank you?

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      1. When I get the notification in my email there is an option to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ with links. You click on the links and they take you to the post .. If it’s just a ‘like’ you then just exit out .. if you want to make a comment you do. Do you now get notifications of people’s posts via email…. ? Diane

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      2. You can still get notifications by email via mobile phone, but I guess it depends on when you go to someone’s blog, do you ask to be notified via email ? I’ve only ever done that . I don’t read blogs at all through the reader. Diane

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      3. I pretty much read from the reader, I also was able to figure out what you were telling me and I’m in business. Do you find it easier to read via email? The reason I ask is because I have heard others say they just read via email, curious…


      4. Some bloggers don’t like to see all the emails in their in box…. I happen to like it because I can see them all at one time…new posts, comments and likes…. So if I want to clear all the ‘likes’ first I do that, (unless it’s someone new then I may leave it for a little bit in case I want to peek at their blog) but for the most part I clear them Then I can see the comments and quickly click on them and follow the link to reply . After I reply I get rid of it. Then I look at the new posts and decide which I want to read first etc etc.
        Some prefer the reader as they just scroll and look at what’s next etc. It’s just I prefer to see everything at one glance and then decide what I want to do…. It’s just a matter of preference I guess… Diane

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