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Flight 1995

Middle Seat

It turns out that your neighbor on the Plane (or the person sitting at the table next to you is a chatty tourist. Do you try to switch seats go for a non-committal brief small talk, or make this person your new best friend?

Shortly after my graduation, I flew to Florida to visit a friend. I boarded the plane and found my seat it was on the right hand side of the back of the plane. I was one seat away from sitting next to the isle. There was a space between me and a short, slender, Korean lady. She had her face and body pressed towards the window as far as she could go. She gave me a glance and then smashed herself back into the window. I sat down and got situated with my music gear preparing for take off. I noticed after I stopped shuffling around. My neighbor, was sniffling and quivering. Was she crying I thought to myself? All I could see was her long, shiny, healthy, black, hair. I figured I better put my headset on and mind my own business. (not typically my style).

After we got up in the air she peeled herself off the seat and told me she had to use the restroom. She had a few Kleenex in her hand waded up when she came back. I could see her watery eyes, her red nose, and another surprise growing in her tummy. I figured this was a sad situation, after about an hour of still hearing her sniffling, catching her breath and quivering. I decided to approach  her. I knew it was the right thing to do. If she turned me down I could live with it and have no regrets.

Me: Are you going to be okay

Her: No not for a while

Me: If you would like to talk about it, we can?

Her story

Her parents sent her off to college. I can’t recall which one, this has been years ago. I want to say somewhere in Washington D.C  They had deposited a check into an account for her to help get by while she was going to school. The amount was insane TO ME. I take they were well off. She then started crying, telling me most of the money was gone. She had met some friends at college and they decided to boycott school and take a few trips. She told me during this time she met someone who was married and basically dated him until she got pregnant then things started going down hill. He disappeared and quit answering her calls, he even changed his number and left the job he had. She was telling me all this and scratching herself all over her body. She said the pregnancy was stretching out her skin and making her itch, she wasn’t able to keep any food down, her clothes were getting to small and she wasn’t happy. She hadn’t told her parents about the money or the baby. She said the only people who knew was herself, the boyfriend and me. She told me she left town after people started asking her if she was pregnant. She sobbed and sobbed as she poured herself out to me. She was looking for someone somewhere to perform an abortion. She said only certain States perform them after a certain amount of months. She was five months, twenty weeks and torn about the decision. She said she could feel the baby moving around inside her and it was basically pulling at her heart-strings. The conversation went around in a circle for most of the flight. I never said much to her because I felt like I was there to listen. I stayed as monotone as I am in this post. When the plane landed she grabbed me and gave me a hug. I hugged her tighter and told her she would be in my thoughts, and she has been for almost twenty years.

13 thoughts on “Flight 1995

    1. No, I did not ever find out. I can tell you, I sure have been curious myself about what she decided, and maybe your right Maybe she could not go through with it… Thank you for reading my story and dropping in!

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  1. It was kind of you to offer to listen and to let her pour her thoughts out to you. Perhaps by doing so, you helped her to make some decision and to take away some of her stress…. We do have these people that sometimes cross our paths for just a short time, but do remain in our thoughts…. Diane

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  2. Yes you are, Shelie27! I have talked at length with people that sat next to me on planes and in airports, never to see them again or even get their names, usually due to some type of incident, such as the plane having to circle the airport or a delay in the departure of the flight. Never have I had a conversation such as you had. I hope that she gave it up for adoption although it sounded like she didn’t have enough money to purchase maternity clothes, etc. I hope some type of miracle like that happened, just like the one that happened and put you two together.

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    1. She was unforgetable and I believe she decided to keep the baby. I also think she finished college. I like that I can make up my own ending. Thank you for your response and stopping in.I hope to talk to you later!


  3. Love your story. There has been times I listen and say nothing and there has been times that I pose a question for the person to ponder-not give me an answer. Maybe her feeling the baby move gave her the answer she needed. I hope the little one is a grown person now. Thanks for liking my blog. Blessings.

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    1. Thank you for loving my story and commenting.This one has always stuck with me. I think your right on the money to pose a question. I do believe she kept the baby. If she did keep him/her would be twenty or close to it!


  4. Omg what a heart-wrenching story. I’m sure that girl must have felt good talking to you about it. Sometimes we can do the best by just listening to people. I wonder what she must have done after she got off the plane.

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