Kill Joy


Hello Good People,

Question: In a place of work, do You feel its appropriate to have YOUR staff members write notes explaining what to do and what not to do on the job?

Example: Who left the front door unlocked “Peter” the boss would like to know?

Example: Don’t forget to make appointment for mornings and initial the clip board when you do bath and showers….

14 thoughts on “Kill Joy

    1. Shelley.. just a ‘heads up’.. because I sometimes do it also. I didn’t get your reply to me as a notification because you must have (as I do sometimes do) clicked on the word reply ‘under’ the other person’s comment instead of beside their name… I just happened to come back to your original post page and saw your reply to me… Perhaps Hazel didn’t get your reply either.. (maybe it shows up in the Reader.. I don’t know… but I don’t use the Reader) Diane


    1. This has been going on for sometttime now. I haven’t addressed that I feel as though it’s tacky! If anything get my goat it’s regular staff members that think they run the place and do no wrong!

      Raph, Thank you for reading and answering my questions on my blog it means a lot to me.



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