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“Get Glad In The Same Pants You Got Mad In”

Hello Good People,

Do y’all ever want to just blast a few bad Apples out on Social Media?

I wish I could post a big huge rant, about a few things going on in my life. It wouldn’t be classy and it wouldn’t be nice. If you’re the kind of person I am you can read = the l-i-n-e-s. If not I don’t know what to tell you.

Happiness is overrated, if you want to know my feelings on the subject. Even if you don’t I’m still telling you! You don’t and won’t wake up everyday happy. Its something you have to work on from time to time.

For example: When my husband and I lost our twins he was going one way with grief and I another. I held it in and took a lot of things most people said offensively. (Why were on the subject: When a mother looses her babies skip all the I’m sorry, they’re in a better place, you can have more, it was for the best, you will see them again. The best thing would be to ask her if there is anything you can do to ease her pain? and whatever she tells you try to grant it for her.) My husband who has PTSD disassociated to the point he wasn’t for sure we should be together and dabbled in some unspeakable computer activity. We spent a few months not even talking we barely made it through to be quite honest. Most people believed it was the end. The best thing we did was keep going. We would have brief discussions and it helped to make it through another day but I’m here to tell you it was the hardest time of our whole life.

To be quite honest it’s has taken me a long time to be where I’m at today with myself. It took giving birth to my twin boys who passed away from being premature: The aftermath was arbitrary to having a zip lock bag over my head. It hurt to breathe and it was the first and hopefully last time I didn’t want too. I felt angry, worthless, helpless and pieces of my past started to surface,making me believe at one point I didn’t deserve the gift of twins. I know now this isn’t true but then I didn’t because I had not dealt with issues from my past. It took some time but I started seeing a therapist afterwards who basically opened my heart she gave me permission to grieve the way I never was allowed or allowed myself to do so. She brought my husband in and helped us disagree on a healthier level. During our times of talk led me back to my faith which led to a weekend encounter with my church for more healing. Then I took an English class where a teacher, perhaps the only teacher in my whole life  encouraged me to keep writing. “She said you have a lot to say and she’d enjoyed reading about my life.” Here I’m thirty-eight years old and still trying to stay on track and remember who I’m.

To whom it concerns,

This has not been a walk in the park for me. I’m now learning how to put up boundaries not only to protect my happiness but my family’s as well. I’m however sorry you cannot find yours. I can’t look back to roll up my sleeves to try to make you or anyone else happy. Yes we can be kind, but we can’t do your foot work. I refuse to take your problems on and sacrifice how far I have come.

This road I’m on has been easier. I can’t explain it… Most days I feel lighter not so heavy. I know we’re still going to have hard times. Times that we won’t be happy. I feel like a part of happiness is knowing that the sadness will come and together we will get through it again.



















































9 thoughts on ““Get Glad In The Same Pants You Got Mad In”

    1. Thank you. I know you have been through a great deal yourself with fertility. I loved your post not to long ago on the subject. No certain times in life I believe the best words are the ones not said. Thank you for the love it means a lot!


    1. Diane, I don’t think you will ever understand what your encouragement and kind words have done for me. You are a good friend to me. I always look foward to hearing from you and reading about your life as well.


  1. I love you Shelley Baker, and am proud of how far you have come…you have had a couple hurdles to jump over but you did it! Keep doing what your doing and don’t let certain people bog you down….they are not worth your time…they don’t realize  how special you are and NEVER will. The people who love you will always be in your corner….

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  2. No one who hasn’t been there, can understand what it’s like to lose a child. My sister lost her little boy and 3 weeks later, my brother lost his little girl, and I cried with them, hugged them and supported them with love. I believe those are important ways that will, hopefully help, during devastating losses. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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    1. I agree with you. I was hurting when I wrote this post. I have always wanted to share my thoughts about ways to approach a grieving mother or father. I think what you did for them was lovely, it’s nice when people can just be there and do the things you did. Thank you for sharing there loss with me. I appreciate your comment and read as well.

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