No Bashing

Mommy Question: Lately Gabe has learned about fires in school and was given a book called the sprinkleman. We have read it a few times before bed, afterwards he has been asking me questions, which is alright because lets face it! They do happen so we have to  talk about them and a plan.

So here is my question to You: How have you discussed this with your children? Do you have a plan? Do you talk about fires? Do you go into detail with your children? My son is five and he is asking about his toys, the pets, mommy, daddy, and why we don’t have sprinklers in our house. I don’t want to change the subject but also don’t want him to worry about the things I should be worried about…

I also like to stay truthful and not gloss things over too much because I belive we need to be prepared for the What ifs?  and I can’t tell him it’s never going to happen.


5 thoughts on “No Bashing

  1. We don’t have sprinklers either but do have 2 fire alarms. I hope you have the alarms. I would tell him that regular homes and mobile homes are not built with the sprinklers system because they are not as big as schools or hospital or other big buildings… but you do have fire and smoke alarms that would warn you ahead of time to get out. I would maybe tell him that the most important thing was for you and other people to get out of the home, and if possible other living pets etc.

    I would tell him, that anything else can be replaced or bought again and so it would not be wise to not worry about those things….

    Most of all I would assure him that Mommy and Daddy try and take good care of him and your home so that fires won’t start… but it is always better to have a plan anyway, in case of accidents…. Just my thoughts.. Diane


  2. I would suggest that you teach him the basics – touch the door, get out if he can and what route to take. If you can break it into a few simple rules or guidelines it might help alleviate his stress and yours since he will have an idea of what to do. Also a fire drill would also be a good activity for the family.


    1. Thank you for your suggestions, it has stirred up anxiety for both of us, it’s difficult when you don’t know how to word things to a five year old you have to tred lightly for their sake.



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