This is the one chance you have to become my friend let me tell you a bit about myself first.

My name is Shelley, I am married now six crazy passionate years we have a little boy who soon will be five he goes to pre-k and daycare when we all are home together I like to stay home with them, Let me be the first to tell you my husband and I have had our problems but were happy, I talk about my problems all the time, my husband calls me “mellow dramatic” please know he is right,I always run late, I was late for my grandmas funeral, she already new this would happen, if  someone or something hurts my feelings, I cry hard of course it’s a bit more controlled in public but if it really hurt I let loose when I get home, I tend to laugh when I am not supposed to, I have been trying to work on this please forgive me in advanced, I DO NOT COMPETE, My white flag will be up every time never have I been into competition and  most likely it will stay that way, however I have two people who I have been jealous of, one my whole life I am not proud of this but it’s a work in progress, I have an eating problem that stems from my past I recently detected it when talking to my mother if we become close enough friends I have no problem laying that out on the table either, I don’t have a handle on the eating thing quite yet, I take too much on and often complain about it after the fact, just so you know, I will complain about my parents and cry to you about how I just don’t feel we all spend enough time together but besides the Holy Spirit they are the voices in my head, I spend lots of time deep in thought some things I say may not make since some of the time but if you know me you will let it slide, I will get irritated from time to time and be a bit snappy but know it’s not you and as my friend Chris once said “her bark is worse than her bite” and to let you in on a little secret she is right on the money.

With all this said I am always here for you or anyone for that matter. I don’t care what you have done, what you’re going to do, what heritage you are, where you live, what happened to you, what your on, what you might be on, who your cheating on, who you love who you’re going to love, who your still in love with, if you want kids, if you don’t,  all that shit don’t matter to me of course some friends are closer than others that just the way life is, let me say this.

I am thirty-seven years old and have more than a handful of good friends the kind that know all my dirty little secrets and vice of versa, the kind who will come running if your broke down on the side of the road drunk at three o clock, the kind that are just as truthful to your face as they are behind your back, the kind that support all the things you have up your sleeve ninety percent of the time, the kind that will listen   to you talk about your childhood and all the bullies and understand that you have battled moving forward but hug you and let you know their sorry in some kind of way, the kind that will speak to a nurse at three am in the morning because you’re so drugged up on morphine at 23 weeks pregnant giving birth to babies whom will not be making it out of the hospital, the kind of friends who hold their tears back when you have to bury your babies because they want to be strong for you, the kind of friends who all want to be gathered around your side when you have to say goodbye, the kind of friends who hold you up so you can see over life’s crap.

So with all this said, I know what real friendship looks like. The real question is, Would you like to be friends with me the ball is in your court?

27 thoughts on “ONE QUESTION

  1. Don’t worry about things so much if you can.We all have our moments, sometimes I think about the things MDW & I go through and think that this is something you’d read about in the news or a book. You have a great gift, don’t ever change. I’m sure your husband supports you in all you do. MDW & I are both self employed, so being one another’s cheerleader is a part of daily life.


      1. MDW is an artist who creates hand knitted pieces of many styles, as well as her jewelry creations. She has resisted my encouragement to put her things online, but I think that she is beginning to see that the exposure will do her good. I on the other hand continue too use the skill sets you and all other taxpayers in the nation spent during my first career in the U S Navy Submarine Force. I provide small business solutions to problems that other small and micro businesses encounter. Due to the experience learned in that field (Logistics) I am able to help others begin their businesses by helping them learn and employ the resources needed for them to be successful. I have one large corporate client (Local Transit Bus Aftermarket Suppplier) that I service by performing two complete wall to wall inventories of their warehouse. Enabling them to not have to shut down during a one to three week average period each year in order to perform their inventories. Bottom line for them is they enjoy uninterrupted customer service as well as preserving 2-3 million dollars in lost sales if they had to shut down to perform their inventory on their own..

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      2. I enjoy hand made things I have a lady where I work who is gifted as well in that area, sounds like you are busy glad to hear your successful it is not easy running your own business.


      3. Shelie27,

        No it’s not easy running your own business, as I’m sure you’re finding out that it’s a 24/365 process. Being successful takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in some cases (for lack of a bette metaphor). If you work on your business and make it to that magical 5 year anniversary you are in most cases on your way to success. Stay the course and you’ll see that either what you’re doing is the right thing or maybe you should try something else. Both MDW & I have done this in the nearly 8 years we’ve been married. Don’t get discouraged, and keep plugging away as there’s no “magic bullet” as touted on late night and infomercial channels. Being diligent at what you are doing is one of the best recommendations I can give anyone.


  2. Shelley, You do know the true meaning of a friend and anyone who is reading this let me tell you because I know first hand that if you choose to be friends with kind hearted Women that I call my best friend, you will be rewarded with a life time soal mate. Just like I was, Trust me when I say your friendship circle will be complete. I love you Shelley Marie!

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    1. Thank you. I have learned lots about acceptance and truth the last few years, especially since I have been writing I got a long way to go but it makes me feel better and even realize things I didn’t know. Thank you for what you said I agree with you about pro’s and cons that is so true!


  3. Yes, I will be your friend! I tend to be dramatic sometimes myself, run late, complain, and all the rest of it that comes with being genuine and spontaneous. I think this is a good thing in a woman, as this means we are emotional, which can never be a bad thing! You are lucky to have a man next to you to understand you, as I don’t (mine judges me all the time), so enjoy being who you are! I will also follow your blog now, so I hope you will be a good neighbour too and will follow mine back. 🙂 I Look forward to reading your posts!!


      1. Wow, that’s what I’d call a compliment, thank you! I haven’t done it for a while, but only started writing in English since I have had the blog. Otherwise did it when I was younger, in Bulgaria, for years…


  4. Shelley, you really are one of a kind. I love your honesty and I love your acceptance of other people. You have accepted me through all my craziness and all my whining and through my happiness. God put you in my life because he knew I needed YOU in my life. You have been more of a best friend to me than many I have known for years. I hope that years from now I can still call you best friend. Love u


  5. Shelley, you really are one of a kind. I love your honesty and I love your acceptance of other people. You have accepted me through all my craziness and all my whining and through my happiness. God put you in my life because he knew I needed YOU in my life. You have been more of a best friend to me than many I have known for years. You have shown me that there are good women out there who have the same struggles everyday. You have shown me that best friends can exist! I hope that years from now I can still call you best friend. Love u


    1. You have shown me the same Audra, you have been a good friend to me! We are just not able to see each other because of our schedules maybe soon that will change. We just got to enjoy the time we do get when we get it!


  6. I would count myself honored if you’re still in the market for friends if you would consider me an online friend. 🙂 I know I’m crappily slow at getting back to things, but I get buried easily lately. I’m hoping life will slow down again in Fall.

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    1. Please don’t call me psychopath, every time, I read your post,I feel like your talking to me and waiting for my response. I consider you a friend, online might just work out. I know you’re buried, I can tell. I can’t wait until you get a slow-down. Something tells me though, you don’t let any grass grow under those feet. Thank you for stopping in, A!

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