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ImageSo this whole blogging world is new to me. Actually it never occurred to me that people blogged the way they do as in my definition of a blog was people who write and post pictures about their family vacations, children, life as husband and wife and nothing more. One night when I found word press by typing in blogging signing up and surfing you could imagine my surprise when I seen topics from abuse, weight, sexual identity, work, every day life and so on. The majority of my time has been spent on here reading and getting to know some people .Actually a few people I could really call up and ask them is their anyway we could be friends. I even look forward to their next post about their lives or thoughts on a particular subject. I would mention them but think it may be early in the game for this. This has been unexpected and I feel like it is right up my alley as far as being myself and sharing parts of my life. Something that I have always wanted to do. I am a bit overwhelmed because it takes me forever to write one thing and even in writing this my son has the fridge open he is asking me a million questions and I am hunting and pecking these keys and feel as though it is a slow going process. Listen I love to write and talk about things just as much as the next person but feel as though this has not been easy because its hard for me just to sit here and type something on a whim! Sometimes when writing my stories about my past it takes me days because it doesn’t come out of my mind as fast. So this being said this is my first blog where I am just typing what comes to mind. Since reading more and more on here, I know when posting this even if it don’t make since it will be okay and I appreciate this and love that basically its no holds bar around these part.

4 thoughts on “Blog Ramblings

  1. I was overwhelmed also when I realized the size of the blogging world. I thought I might meet two or three people who I might have something in common with but not the basically hundreds that I’ve met. It’s not that every one follows even if they say they do… some just follow for a little while and leave… and I don’t follow a hundred even but close to it… some don’t write anymore though… But those that are continual are very special to me

    Don’t worry how or what you write,,,, just write what’s in your hear or on your mind…It’s a great outlet for feelings…. Diane


    1. Yes I have noticed just because they follow you doesn’t mean they really follow which is okay I only follow a hand full of people and I am bound and determined not to get wrapped up in how many followers I have. Thank you for following me Diane also guiding me threw your kindness is appreciated thank you for your continuous patronage!


  2. I loved the honesty in your writing and the only thing I would add is to keep doing more of this. I love to read about people’s lives and blogs are a wonderful way to do it. Honestly, it takes me awhile to write posts too. Sometimes they percolate in my mind for days before I get it down on paper. Life gets in the way and that is okay. Write when you have a moment and just let go! You will find your writing muse and she will help you. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your words Mrs N they mean a lot to me I also appreciate you letting me know that your words percolate in your mind for days. Sometimes I really have to be in a meditation and right now with a little one those times are few and far between. Thanks again for reading.



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