1} I got to 5 likes and they told me to write a post about them, does that mean that my page itself got 5 likes or does it mean my post did?

2) These awards what are they all about?

3) can we private message fellow bloggers?

4) Do any of my followers have a facebook blog, and can we follow each other on their as well?

5) what do clicks mean on my stat page?

6) If you have any other feedback I am looking forward to hearing from you…


10 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Hi.. 1. Who told you you got 5 likes and to do a post about it? WordPress? It doesn’t mean you have to do one. If someone is suggesting you do one it maybe is to say how you feel that people are ‘liking’ . Did they mean you got 5 likes on one post. In any case I wouldn’t worry about it.
    2. Do you mean the various awards people have on their blog site. If that’s what you mean they are word press awards that for example one blogger receives perhaps from another one eg. One Lovely Blog Award and then there may be questions etc. that they can answer (if they want to) and then pass the award on to some other bloggers that they read. It is somewhat complex so if it happens I can advise you on how to do it.
    3. Yes you can private message other bloggers. Usually their email will appear in a comment they make to you or you can ask them what their email is and ask if you could send them a private email.
    4.Some bloggers are on face book as well. Some will share this fact and ask someone to contact them. Others may prefer to keep their blogs separate from their face book. It depends on the individual.
    5. Usually your stars on your dashboard will explain what the different stats mean if you place your cursor on or near the stat. Clicks usually mean someone has clicked on your blog but may not have left any ‘like’ or ‘comment’.
    6.There’s lots to learn about blogging and your dashboard …. but to think of everything would take a lot of time. When you get something you don’t understand you can ask like you did this time and do a post… or if their are bloggers who you can ask you can go and leave a message on their ‘about’ page or you can send them an email…. or ask in the comment section of one of their posts.

    Hope this helps… Diane


    1. This helps a lot and all of your other comments do too. Diane Thank You so much for your feed back it is appreciated there is a lot and I feel like my blog is just a bit unorganized everyone else seem so organized and put together but actually come to think of it that is my regular life as well so at least I am not masquerading. By the way your posting about dementia was real good.


      1. I would say that most people that just start up a blog are at first disorganized. It was months before I felt comfortable at all and only bit by bit learned as you are.. I had others help me too and then I researched a lot when I had a problem. And don’t forget there is a support from wordpress. There are forums you can ask questions and look to see if others have had a similar problem… here is the link http://en.forums.wordpress.com/ One other important thing to know is that we are wordpress.com

        There is wordpress.org and it is totally different for people who own and look after their own sites and pay money… Don’t get mixed up when you are looking for support …. take care and take it slow and easy and you will start to feel more confidant… Diane


  2. One thing I will mention… that I didn’t find out for awhile when I started… When you make a comment on a person’s blog and they reply to you … You will look for those replies on your blog site …upper right hand corner where it says ‘new post’… If the icon is lit up it means there is a message of some sort likely waiting and you click on where for example it may say… writerwannabe replied to your comment…..etc etc… Click on it to see the reply and if you want to still reply again there is a place to do so… Maybe you knew this already.. it’s just I didn’t at first.. Diane


    1. Thank you? How about private message like if I want to ask you a question should I just go to a reply that you commented on?


      1. For a private message *something you don’t necessarily want others to see) you would look for my email address on a notification if you get by email… it may be there according to the settings you chose .. eg Did you ask to be notified of comment via email… in any case my email writerwannabe232@hotmail.com If you don’t care if others see it you can do as you say or go to any of my posts…for example the last one and just make a comment …. Diane


      2. okay that’s cool with me and at least for future references I know what to do if I need to Private message you. Is your blog on face book?


  3. Yes I have a facebook account shelley
    Yes I would love to private message you as for the rest of it I am still trying to work the blog out myself.
    I want to have a blog like yours that really makes it mine and to have more people following you at the moment are the only one commenting on what I put on here of which I am extremely grateful for thank you so much



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