My First post

Today is rainy, cold and a bit dark out,  however I am irritated as usual. Why you ask? My Tin can is a mess and I am  behind on laundry, the floor needs vacuumed and the kid need sometime to run and jump and all I can think about is getting this page up in running and have not got the slightest idea how its going to all come together. For instance my picture what is a j peg picture? They will not let me download a picture from my computer, so what can I do to meet the requirements for a simple picture of myself? Also it would be nice to have a friend. So please feel free to chime in and befriend me with  a little help as well.

11 thoughts on “My First post

  1. I remember only too well that first blog and then many more after that …where I didn’t know what on earth I was doing or what half the things on my dashboard meant…. so if I can help from time to time when you are having trouble…ask…. Where are you trying to add a picture and it won’t let you? JPG is the code for the kind of picture you can upload. Usually any picture on your computer is okay… Are you trying to add a picture to a blog? or to your Blog site?….. Diane


    1. I did finally get my pictp on youure up, I guess they call it a gravtar I don’t know but to add it I had fill out like a whole new profile and about me section which was confusing? Its funny you mentioned about your first blog because I was just reading a post you had written awhile back ago and saw you and another woman chatting about your first time and it made me feel extremely better because I felt like a big looser not knowing nothing at all! Thank you for your comment it really meant a lot your my very first I look forward to reading and getting to know more about you!


      1. Well, I am honored to be your ‘first’ comment….I’ll be following you….but feel free to ask me if you have a question… I sure don’t know it all even yet… I’ve just passed my 2 year anniversary of when I started blogging… But I have learned quite a bit by trial and error and by some others helping me too…. Hope you start to feel a bit more comfortable blogging…take care Diane


      2. Each week WordPress chooses several blog posts that people have written and features them as ‘Freshly Pressed’ You can view them by the “W” on your dashboard in upper left corner…. or on you home page… You ‘hover’ your cursor and it gives you choices of places to go… one is the Freshly Pressed. I guess most bloggers hope at one point theirs’ might be chosen but since there are literally thousands and thousands for them to choose from randomly…. chances are that it is difficult to have yours’ chosen (not impossible though)…Diane


      3. okay I get what your saying. One more question is writing a new post the same as blogging or are the different? Because I just see new post and if its just the new post we write everything on when you go to post something do you just use like the text to write your news on? I hope I am making since anyway I also hope iam not stressing you out this wont be a all the time thing.


      4. No stress at all… blogging is what you post “new post’ ..It’s just the funny word used for it…I don’t know who ever invented it… Don’t worry about the questions… it takes time and if you don’t ask questions you’ll tend to get frustrated …. Diane


  2. That’s it, S! I’m officially caught up on your blog, all the way back to 2013! I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you through your thoughtful words, stories, memories, and ideas. I look forward to reading more as you post it, and I wish you an extraordinary day! 🙂

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