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Be Kind And Rewind or (Weave)

Weaving The Threads: draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to the other, but create a common thread between them by including the same item-object, a symbol,- in each part.

Prompt: The summer of 1990 I was twelve or thirteen and had just had my open heart surgery. My parents one night during my recovery process decided to go out and have some dinner. My “grams told them to take a break and she would stay with me.

During their meal, they got acquainted with the waitress. She had asked them if they were from “around the area”? My parents told her no. We are staying at the Ronald McDonald House our daughter is recovering in the hospital from heart surgery. The waitress started crying at their table. She told them before she walked away she would be “right back” they thought she might have had to go and get a hold of herself? When she came back she had a chocolate cake and told them the meal was on the house!

This Christmas my husband and I decided not to use any credit cards. So When buying for our kids we made a budget for each one. Mind you his kids do not live here with us they stay with their mother in another state. So after getting a bit carried away. We started adding everything up. I had went over about twenty dollars on Gabe, so I had to quit. Gabe tells me two weeks before Christmas he wants a new bike, there was nothing I could do the gifts that we had bought were online and things he and needed as well.

I did not mention to anyone about this situation because I did not want to make others feel we were asking them for help.

A couple of days later my friend Audra text me. She works at a homeless shelter for woman. Every year they have a huge give away, a meal, clothes, and toys (new ones) for family’s who can’t afford presents for their kids. In her text she said they had one bike left, it had been given anonymously and even had “Training Wheels” if I wanted the bike it was mine to come pick it! The bike was red my son’s favorite color.

I have been blogging for over a year now and I want to publicly thank another blogger

Thank you for befriended me just a few days after I started this journey and telling me I could ask for help anytime. Then following through with your words. I would email her asking how to do the daily prompt,she sent me word for word instructions more than once, I messed up my blog by changing my username and ended up changing my url, it was a mess, I tried to fix it on my own by texting the site itself but did not get anywhere with that route,she even took up for me when the question that I had asked on this site was not clearly answered, she basically went out on her own and got my site all squared away, it took her lots of her own time. The other day I wrote a story on my facebook page and she had asked me in the comments “why  didn’t you write this on your blog”

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Your words that day has put a Getty up in my blogging. I wasn’t for sure this cup of tea was for me, it’s getting better all the time Diane. Thank you and for the person you have shown me you are!

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Good Food

 The memories of my childhood with my dad as a little girl. Stand out like the bright sun in a rainstorm! I suppose its because of his loving spirit and the way he has lived his life out through example instead of preaching.

He always had supper on the table most nights and we would always sit down together no matter how simple they were. The table was always cleared off never has it “…caught” anything but good food and conversation. However we did enjoy fast food quite often. He would grab it on the drive home or decide afterwards and we would all go pick it up together.

One night always revisit my thoughts.

We drove over to the local Dq  he puts in the order and we pull around. He puts the car in park tells us their pretty busy tonight after about ten minutes the lady give us our food my dad does his bag check as always hands the bag to my brother and proceeds to sit their just looking at the lady. She said sir what did we forget my dad says do you want your money? she laughs and says omg! Thank you so much sir.

When he drives off of course we chuckle and ask him why didn’t you just pull away dad we could have had a free meal? No it wouldn’t have been right you guys! Our dishonesty could have gotten her fired. I don’t want to see no one lose their job over me…

My brother and I didn’t say much after his answer he has always been pretty firm. So there was no need to say more. Though that night has always spoken to me. Most of his parenting does speak to me now more in my life than ever before.

This story has been a bit harder for me to tell but I did not want to leave it out because it shows my two or three readers more about who he is. Even in his struggle he always did the right thing and I am so very proud of him. I realize that all my stories are part of the past but you are such a good story and I plan to tell of all the good food you gave us for the soul.