Dear Cosmos,

This morning started out rough with Gabe because he was up at about 4:30 this morning and so was I. We were both having a hard time getting our lives together for school.

After he left

I took a deep breath in, and exhaled out, poured me a cup of coffee, and moseyed around the house opening up the curtains.

Then I gathered all our bedding, towels, and socks up by the washer and started on laundry.

I made a phone call to Branson travel group to change our reservation for a vacation. I want to move up the date one day because I can’t take off work on the date I wanted to take off.

I ended up leaving a message because their office wasn’t open yet. A few days ago I had left a message with a woman, and she told me my agent had to move some days around on the schedule and he would call me back after everything was situated, and he never did call!

I caught up with more chores around the house and after a few hours I had to call them back. She new exactly who I was without telling her my name, which raised my brow. Then she repeats back to me why I’m calling, then says hold on I will get Mason. I hold for like five minutes, he answers the phone “Shelley I have you moved up a day so you’re all ready to go!

No, I’m sorry for the wait, no I’m sorry for not getting back to you, and no confirmation number.

I’m getting leery of the situation because of the mishap I explained above. To cut straight to the point I got suckered in to a timeshare meeting, and I’m thinking about cutting my losses and backing out…

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Timeshare

  1. Just wanted to hop on here to let you know that I occasionally think to chime in on your blog and see what’s new….
    Well about the time share, walk away!
    It’s a gimmick to sucker you in, from what I’ve heard about time share is….
    Once you sign up, it’s real hard to get out of!
    Also heard that even if you hardly use any of the time share opportunities, you still make payments every month… depending on your package, it can be costly!
    If you and Steve end up going through with it, look over the paperwork with a magnifying glass…..
    Time share is great if your always wanting to go on vacations on the regular. If not, then it can be a waste of your money!
    However, I could be wrong because it’s just what I’ve heard over the years and not experienced it for myself first hand!
    Good luck my friend 😁


    1. I’m glad your able to get back on my blog, does your email send notifications? I haven’t signed up for the timeshare itself I signed up to go to a meeting, and in return they gave me a deal on a hotel, dinner, and a show. I’m not even that big of a traveler to begin with. I have heard the same things you have about these deals, as well. Thank you, Christy for stopping by!


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