The Man In Front Of Me

I took a few of my residents to the ballet last night. I couldn’t  tell you the last time I had been to a ballet. I enjoyed watching them all dance, and the Ballerinas in their  purple, yellow, and pink tutu’s were stunning. I can’t tell you the plot of the show, though. I can tell you about the man in front of me.

He was alone.

He sat slouched a bit, with his legs crossed. His right elbow was placed up on his armrest with his hand up over his mouth. He was wearing a blue stocking hat, a pair of lighter colored jeans, and an oversized gray thermal shirt.

During intermission he was leaned up against the wall with glasses on reading the “Wall Street Journal.” He had a book with him and I’ll be damned if the title was covered up by the program pamphlet!

The program continued and I sat there staring at him for a smile, a tear, a sigh, but nada. He sat the same way the whole time. One thought I had, maybe this was Liam Neeson, he’s been spotted in town alone a few times, but Liam Neeson is tall this guy was average  five-eight or nine, maybe.

I decided he was there reminiscing about the time he danced in the ballet, and he was critiquing all the performers dance moves. He thought the show in this one-horse town was mediocre!

10 thoughts on “The Man In Front Of Me

  1. Hmm…yeah I wonder what was going through his mind. Maybe he was a critic for a newspaper or something…or maybe he takes ballet like really seriously lol hard to say! I think it’s awesome that you took some of your residents to the ballet 🙂 I have never been to one but I imagine it’s beautiful to watch live. I hope you’re doing well and I love the new look you’re sporting on your blog! Very nice! 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I seriously wanted to ask him but of course asking him would would be inappropriate. I just made up my own assumptions, I thought it would be fun! Thank you again,for commenting, and stopping by!

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