Dad, Told Me Never Backwards, Only Forwards

I moved into a new position at work, You’re looking at the new Activity Director of the home where I work. I plan events for the residents. Bowling, fishing, picnicking, parties, and games. I enjoy my new job. To be honest, the work has not been all fun and games. My biggest challenge has been planning  the calendar for each month. I plan all the activities and make sure none of the events run into one another. I have trouble with focusing. This requires me to triple check my work. I also have others look over my work, and they have been happy to help me out.

The job is challenging, and I’ve wanted to throw in the towel, because of my lack of organization skills, and focussing.

Today: Was Special Olympics Fun Day with friends. The organization, paired up the residents, with a one on one friend (volunteer). They took them to games, karaoke, lunch, and a concert featuring: Elvis. I got to sit, and write.

The other night I was able to go out with Freebird. We went to dinner and caught up a bit, then we went to see the movie IT! The movie was alright, not bad, but not great. The eerie part of the movie to me, was the back story of the children who were not only victims of the clown, but abuse in their day-to-day life. They were not just abused by their parents, but bullies too.

King was no stranger to the hell that went on in the 1980s!

I  have, started reading again but not your blogs. I’ve been reading about Jeffrey Dahmer, Ottis Toole  and Henry Lee Lucas. Ottis Toole killed Adam Walsh. Henry Lee Lucas was his partner and “alleged” lover. These men set the sail “as a mid-1980s panic over stranger abductions, one out of petrified kids and Paranoid parents. Kids used to be able to go out and organize a kickball game, and now all playdates and the social lives of children are arranged and controlled by parents.” This statement hit home with me. I put my child on a short leash. He’s not stayed all night with anyone, but I have let him walk next door and play with a friend, he also walks to school with him, and his dad every once in a while.

The movie IT in my opinion is about fear. The chains fear can have on you.

Fear: will stunt the growth of a child, a new career for an adult, help for a drug user, marriage, and divorce. The list can go on and on, you get my point, don’t you?

The other day on my drive to work a squirrel darted out in front me he or she was giving it all he or she had.

Focused on what was in front of him or her and front legs and back legs hitting nothing but pavement. I couldn’t help to be envious of the drive this animal had to get across the street the way it did!


25 thoughts on “Dad, Told Me Never Backwards, Only Forwards

  1. Hahaha! The first few calendars suck but heaven once made! Because that’s the day woo! Planned! Creative forecasting magazine is a godsend. But oddly most of the activities are a you thing. I did whiteboard games like battleship and a simpler variant of mastermind… endlessly recycled come haiku with me! ( develop a participated list of rhyming words. First being easiest but challenging for social shush… then with a laugh in your heart, combine these into five seven fives of subject action meaning with or without rhyming the end of fives… ps2 bowling got up some support participation from “my” cna’s but oddly was a flop of participating with my rezzies. On this day in history is fun. Combining poetry to arts is a greeting card -if you’d like, both my sections ones are nice should you wish a tour of my time. The most participated game I had? Helium adjusted balloon volleyball the ground is BAD!!! Some luck with bean bag shuffle.board. (Little bean bags toss down a long banquet table).


    1. I use creative forecasting! We Wii bowl, and bowl with YMCA Special Olympics, I have an assistant our Cna’s don’t participate in activities usually. Do you call them down to read “On This Day In History?” Thank you, I have balloons and a helium tank!


      1. Archive.org has a big array of historic sometimes to the very date! Stuff like a June 1953 special announcement of the USA peace of our portion of the Korean War… Philip Marlowe I’ll look up which… if needed. Reading Jules verne’s 20000 leagues under the sea is a lesson in different times/knowledge 12mph speed limit? Heh. I better not run with scissors!!! Or how the play movie the green goddess is where the salad dressing literally stems from… what recipes do you? Remember?? ;). Why is it tommy or gi Joe? Everything I did barbed on memory

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      2. One last, dumb as this sounds, memory is a function of your notions and observations so memory the match game? You know match the pairs… or solitaires 13,14 counts often believe me! My bunch? Too hard. But go fish! Pairs? Silly kids game? Quite a lot of fun! So is uno or if you haven’t them cards crazy eights with poker standard cards… both deal with cognitive function observed… 😉 and are skills appropriately fun! Bridge is too hard for ME! 😂 god help them! But if they wanted to try (horrible disaster by the way 😉 so my then director said ) I learned best I could to teach the game… being competitive of course I lost for a living? 😉 talk about joy that competitive bleep went down!!!


      3. 😉 the talk during the movie horror!! (But, if it isn’t active participation it’s a waste of our time) “October sky” g rated is a movie of Sputnik and that fifties America or at least time appropriate-since our world doesn’t function without satellites, what did you feel at the time? Did you like the then white castles McDonalds versus today? Or perhaps KFC? Would you laugh that us children today or less concerned with the ooo Russians but whether a telemarketer calls or a Jehovah’s Witness knocks on our door when you saw milk and such delivered everyday? Would you laugh that McDonald’s Big Mac special sauce is thousand island dressing from 1910 newhamshire state USA known first as? Russian dressing? That we can’t fathom your tastes as real McDonald’s fries are soaked in hot sugar water and fried in lard which no McDonald’s has seen since banning smoking in 1986? Wborshdt is actually good but my liver haters I bet would prefer liver night to beet stew. 😉 fifties styles had fins like rockets or sharks. Yet oddly enough what British soul would love a rocket after ww2? Where you on October five nineteen fifty seven? Did you like…. old retro candy search real product on hand like m and m’s. What about how rudely mars changed the marathon bar to snickers so the cheap bums didn’t have to print two ad campaigns!!


      4. I read a boat load of stuff. I also read them a few quotes off the calendar. They helped me activity plan. I asked them what they enjoyed the most, and the said “this day in history”

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  2. Fear.. can be crippling if we let it and don’t face it head-on. As Christians we know that God is not the author of fear.. but of love, power and a sound mind… I used to quote that scripture often during the times in the past when experiencing depression… Diane

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  3. Congratulations on your new position and good luck with that calendar. Sounds like the residents are in good hands with you.

    And as for that squirrel, you cannot be scared to live life although you do need to exercise prudence at times, little squirrel, and look both ways before you cross the street. 😀

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