Tell Me Something Good

I have been down in the dumps. Instead of posting “what’s on my mind” on social media I would rather post here in front of most who don’t know me. I’m searching for words or a post of encouragement. To flip my flat as a pancake spirit over. Feel free to leave an uplifting comment, link to post, joke, or words of wisdom. I’m looking for anything to lighten my mood.

37 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Good

  1. It’s tough when you get down in the dumps… Instead of quoting scripture, which I could do.. I think sometimes we just need some good old fashioned sympathy/empathy. What I would say to you is to know others care and that in itself sometimes helps. And I might also suggest that you do something ‘nice’ for yourself. I know that you likely don’t have a lot of extra funds to spend…but pamper yourself … have a warm bath… do you nails… watch some movie that you like… ‘ a chick flick’ I think they call it. Try to think of something that would just give you a little sunshine right now in your spirit. Be kind to yourself emotionally and physically. You do a lot of things for others… do something just for ‘you’ !! Love Diane xx

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    1. I will, Dian. I will do something for myself because it has been awhile. I’m not just saying that either, because of your message. I’m suppose to go see a special feature at the movies Tuesday night with a friend. I can hardly wait. I appreciate your kind word and thoughtfulness. Love ya!

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  2. Sorry to read ‘the blues’ have you.
    I do hope you have a good night with your friend.
    I was like that recently; angry over our UK political scene riven by spite, ignorance and stupidity, and so I started writing a ‘silly’ history of the Isles on my blog just for my own sake; it seems to be working.
    There’s been some very good advice here.
    Take care.

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  3. S., I so sympathize. I’ve been down in the dumps myself, lately, so at least know that you’re not alone!

    I hope you find all the love, support, and encouragement you need. Know that I’m cheering for you always, in any mood you might be in.

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      1. shelie27,
        It’s all good! Been working so I am sort of not done with settling in! Now I am done with working and here I am playing on wordpress which I should be doing some unpacking instead! I thought to myself to the heck with it! LOL!

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      2. I have said the “the heck with it’ many times, I enjoy seeing you around. I understand we have responsibilities as well. Have a good day, Thumbup!


      3. Yes. It’s all good. Done with working. Thank god! Now I can start on unpacking some of my stuff! LOL! Not even done! Today I say to the heck with it and here I am playing around on wordpress!

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