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Friend Request

I Accept


Blank Photo

Blank Thoughts

Blank Updates

Twenty Years

Go By

You Still

Have Nothing

To Say









Is Inked Up

Blotted Up

Scribbled Up

Torn Up

This Is Messed Up

6 thoughts on “Friend Request

  1. This sounds incredibly painful. I’ve been on the receiving–as well as the giving–end of this kind of silence, and either way, it can be brutal. I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this with someone.

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    1. I have to tell you, this post was written a week or two after an old flame asked me to be his friend on social media. The one where I was the “Eddie” some people think I looked to deeply into it and said it “means nothing” I was hoping for at least an apology. I just would of liked som sign that he might of cared. Thank you for always leaving me your heartfelt thoughts. I look forward to them.

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      1. I don’t think you looked too deeply into it at all. I think our vulnerabilities are our greatest strengths, even if they cause us pain.

        I wish you’d received the apology you were looking for, but sometimes silence says all the person is capable of saying. Thank *you* for your heartfelt thoughts as well.

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      2. I know when reading this you are right and I love “silence says all the person is capable of” it makes since. It’s nice to talk to you on this subject because of where you have been with the situation. It gives me a different perceptive. It hurts to hear but it’s the way you tell the truth. Thank you.

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