I have not been able to find the words to write a post. I am finding out that I enjoy reading about others just as much if not more than my own life. I am sure I have built up an imagination on those of you, I read about. I find myself wanting to ask who you are, where your from, and if you’re everything my mind has made up? I talk to my mom about SOME of you. She is real wise. She sometimes thinks I get to wrapped up,but she listens to what I read her and even sometimes comments. She is not big into blogs but if she was all of you would like her. I know a FEW of you have been going through some hard times. I know we don’t know one another, at times I want come over to your houses and hug you and let you know you have a friend in me. Please don’t think weird of me. I take it this is SOME of the reason you write. I have just been thinking on writing something up to show you how much your blogs have touched my life and know I’m thinking of you.

5 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Shelley, You have a beautiful heart. And I know that you have had heartache in your life… but I see the pictures of your little guy and I get a glimpse into your life… Whenever you do write it is very heart-warming stories… so keep writing…. even what you share on fb… The first day of school etc… Diane

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    1. I feel Jesus is giving me a double dose of happiness because of some hurts in the past. I also feel it’s why sometimes my heart aches for others. I love ya Diane and will be keeping you in my prayers. Thanks for the encougement and for stopping by.

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