To list or not to list

How-do-you-do, fellow followers?

I have yet another confession for all of you, I can be a procrastinator. This title can be a blessing and a curse. For me it’s more of a curse because my pile of things to do keeps stacking up, until I get so over whelmed that it starts manifesting in other ways.

A few examples: crying, fatigue, yelling, anxiety

People: Friends, family and co-workers have suggested in the past, I make a list. This suggestion has been ongoing for years. The list has been another work-in-progress, it never gets done. Today sweet eighty some odd, is your luck day, because we’re going to make a list!

Please: Feel free to make your own list or any suggestions on procrastination in the comments

1) Go to store and purchase sign for window (hmmm stay tuned)

2) Fill out registration form for camp for Gabe

3) Call and get second opinion on air-condition (Yippee the air went out)

4) Re-new drivers license

5) Make an appointment for car to find out why the windows in locks don’t work (Double yippee Fun)

6) Murphy needs a hair appointment all his fur is starting to get in my way

7) Gabe still needs his vaccines before kindergarten starts

8) Apply for a job that has raised my eyebrows a time or two

9) Pull the weeds in my yard and plant some grass

10) Put up my Humming Bird feeder. I haven’t done this in years and I love to watch them

This is just a start to something new in my life. To maybe light a match under my bum..

They’re are a few other things I look forward to sharing.

One thing I was working on was a life lesson and maybe give my eighty some advise on some don’ts… I started pondering these last few day’s I think I will change it up.

Why: Because we our who we are because of all the hardships we  go through, it’s what makes me, me and you, you and I would like to share with you a few good things that have come out of a few bad things.

4 thoughts on “To list or not to list

  1. For sure put up that hummingbird feeder. Mine is up and I saw the first one a couple of days ago… I have an oriole feeder out too, and they are coming. They love grape jelly and oranges…. Diane



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