Within You Are So Many Answers

I stepped down from my position as the Activity Director on Tuesday. I made this decision like a nurse pulling off a band-aid. I went back  working as a Nursing Assistant in the evenings. I started last Wednesday. I have been off since Wednesday night when I clocked out. I’m glad I made the decision to take a few extra days off.

I wrote a post a few months back telling you I was not sure I could maintain the job. I was scheduling daily activities for the residents: outings, parties, competitions, entertainment, and games. I was getting the job done on one hand, but on the other hand I was having a hard time giving my residents quality time. I also had a hard time focusing  on my family because I kept thinking about all the things I could be doing to be one step ahead of the game. The job was never done when you left.

Wednesday when I worked a staff member made a comment to me about being on vacation for eight months, and I could do the showers from now on. There was another comment made about the  activity job being a “cake walk.”  I know those comments don’t matter but they threw me for a loop, and made me second guess my decision.

I want to encourage you to read a few of blogs of mine, if time allows.. I went back and read them last night. They reminded me of the good times, I have  had as a nursing assistant at the home. I want to come back to this post if need to, and give myself the whole story.


“She Didn’t Leave me Hanging”

I made my  decision fast. I should have kept the job in activities, held out, until I came across something new. I know I can’t should on myself, whats done is done. Yesterday I came across this quote. The quote cured the loneliness I’ve been feeling about making a mistake.

” I never make the same mistake twice. I do it three or four times just to make sure it was a mistake” Andrew’s View Of The Week







13 thoughts on “Within You Are So Many Answers

  1. I think you made a good decision. The job was very stressful but I think even more important is the fact that you relate so well to the residents, that I believe that’s where your strength and heart lies.

    When people don’t know what is entailed in doing a job, just realize that they don’t know because they haven’t done it….. Take care
    Diane xx

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  2. Ooh yay to see you! I’m curious if you’ll chuckle as I offer this a year later a silly song cue- the jets: make it real. A lil 80s bliss… 😁. Tonight, it’s been a year we met each other here, here I am all alone as thoughts of you go on….. get you a box of tissues and sniff sniff at the dust! Yes dust! ;). Interestingly I know this stinks as I try so hard she was a joy but obviously less so when it wasn’t choosing us forward. What job what hope mid process of paperwork 5.5 months in the originating school idea dead because I can’t find extra dough/work even if the school could be fully paid for the move and rent is entirely not. Accck? No. Why we must choose more may seem silly I chose to not wake sick every weekend start with five hundred plus sugars etc. I plotted it’d be 4-5 hours work exercise to cut some of that’s and? Walked 3x a week 6.25 Schlesinger carts to watch it have?? Zero effect. I backslid. I then blah blah blah seemingly fail every major life hope but get a diet break and am here entirely different four some seeming years further. Oh sure I’m still gleeful hopeful I’ve a new pal coming and I’ll get through this paperwork more to get a simple shot at work new. Will it be a real job like full time underwriter a liscensed job paying money not minimum wage? Or just a whole lot of paperwork to prepare salads somewhere part time minimum wage? Realistically it matters little I make money now just want a fuller life – so I win minimum or more either way as I’ve done well to make life win wins more often just an idiot chasing girls 😛. Now do you feel you’ve done well too? It’s no where close to my hopes this instant honest! But realistically I stood for myself in demands support in relationship fighting for ME! Damn it! I count! Sadly loosing yet again everything it seems no! I gain me! I fought to build a consistent schedule once the previous job was going to not rocket me careerwise forward and I blocked outright from learning new skills. I tried for consistent usable time off as I needed to get out! And it was time to go elsewhere Hahahaha. I dang near went entirely bankrupt coming here now but didn’t last second catching a break because I swear I showed up to church Hahahaha. And yet through all of the alters in an instants I still chose well to come! It’s that or dying early sick st the old job. Do you feel you chose well because you did? The outcome for others might not agree but I do not need approval in that old way I know the lack of choice was worse.

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