I had a male resident at my current job. He was visually impaired, stood about five three or four. He had thin, buzzed, light brown hair. His room had nothing on the walls or dressers. He had a lady friend who lived in the home as well. Once a week a man my age now, would take him out to eat.

When doing my medicine pass one night I walked by his door. I saw him sitting on the edge of his bed. I backed up a few steps and stood there looking in. To make sure he was, alright.

He started to praying

“Thank you for the trees and leaves, thank you for the birds that sing, thank you for the rain and the sunshine, the cold days and the hot days, thank you for the good days and the bad days”

Every night, til the day he left, I joined him in prayer at his door. This may have not been the right thing to do but because what I felt inside his prayer it felt right, to me.

This past few weeks have been rough.

Ten years and this prayer has come back to me and many other times as well. I can’t help but think all those years he spent praying, was for me…

To bring me back to what counts in life. I’m so thankful for that time I was on the outside looking in.

29 thoughts on “Nosy

  1. It is a very lovely and heart felt prayer. His example puts us to shame. To be truly thankful for the beauty he could not see and still have the faith to believe in and thank the Godhead for it. Sighted people ignore the beauty around us and some question the reality of a Godhead.

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  2. ” I can’t help but think all those years he spent praying, was for me”.

    How perfectly your post expresses what I have generally been unable to articulate! I can’t define my own spiritual beliefs very well, particularly when it comes to questions of faith – and what answers I did find never came from a church. In fact, if it weren’t for all the hallways I’ve stood in (figuratively speaking!), peering in at various expressions of other people’s faith, I wouldn’t have much faith at all.
    I wish I had stood behind you in that hallway, looking over your shoulder, listening to that man pray.
    Oh, wait – I did!
    What you wrote is, in itself, a kind of prayer.

    Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

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    1. First, thank you for stopping by commenting and reading. At times I can’t describe my own spirtul beliefs. I have read your comment a few times over and just now to my husband. A few things are spinning in my head. In the next few weeks (maybe) or sooner, I will ricashae these thoughts of clarity from your comment. Thank you too Claire.


    1. One thing about my place of employment. If you look hard enough. You will find the gratitude. In return, it makes me more grateful as well. Thank you for reading my post and stopping in!



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