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Laughing To The Grave

Too Soon

Can anything be funny or are some things off-limits?

In my opinion, there are times you need to be serious and try not to make light of a situation. I also believe in serious moments, humor happens. Here are a few examples.

After our twins were born. The hospital gave us an option to have a visitation, people could come and see Willy and Gabe before they took them. I wasn’t for sure I was up to it or not but my husband had purchased mementos he wanted to give to everyone. That night all my friends, his parents, and brothers came up to visit. I was sitting up in bed, most of my friends were sitting on the side with me. A nurse who was assigned to my room when they first diagnosed my Premature Labor came in to tell me she was sorry to hear about my loss. She did this out of  genuine compassion because she was not assigned to me during this time. The whole room was quiet as she expressed her sympathy, which wasn’t easy at all for her to do. The only noise you could hear was people catching their breath and sniffing. My friend Sarah pats my arm, gets up off my bed, walks over and pulls a wad of kleenex out of the box and blows her nose like an eighty year old man in the doctor’s office with a hanky!  My friend Allison was the first one to laugh than me and after that there we all were!

I also chose for the hospital to put the funeral on for Gabe and Willy. Which took us to a cemetery here in town, it’s a big cemetery. They have a designated area for the babies, on top of a hill. You have to walk over another hill before you get to the top of this one. My mom, me and my friend Allison were watching people as they were trying to carefully walk down this muddy hill. One lady wasn’t so lucky as the mud got the best of her. To the ground she went and rolled like a barrel all the way down…

My dad is the serious one in my parents marriage. He secretly digs my moms humor, which sometimes involves him. Not long ago we were all out to eat together. We got on the subject of an acquaintance of theres who had a spouse that recently passed. They had found another companion. I asked my mom if she thought it was weird that she was “back in the saddle”. My mom says. “Shelley not at all, I’m engaged to be married the day after your dads funeral…” I laughed hard as my dad sat there shaking his head, rolling his eyes, and not even giving the slightest smile.

We have talked many times about where I work. My residents are Visually Impaired. When one of them passes on its hard for some of are residents to get out and go to their funeral. We have memorials here in the building in honor of the resident who passes away. This allows residents to be able to talk about their “good times”. We did this recently for “Jack” when he died. We had quite a few who came down. They sat in the dining-room. We have couches that make a square all the way around the room, They started from right to left, “Emmet” was on the other side which would make her last. They let everyone know that they had to wait their turn. Each one of the residents were standing up telling the preacher about one thing they remember doing with “Jack” or something funny he said. All the other residents and staff quietly sat and listened meanwhile Emmett was raising her hand, standing halfway up to try to raise it further, she would get tired of holding that hand up and start in with the other, grunting, moaning, whispering pick me pick me…

I call these “hold Ons” constellations to shine down on us in times of darkness giving us hope and a future.


12 thoughts on “Laughing To The Grave

    1. I agree Diane it helps us not to get to overloaded. I-am often thankful that I have found that in life. We both know it can get dark but there is always something keeping us up. Thank always for your kind words and wisdom Diane!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment and stopping by my blog.

      P.s I have a Dear friend with your same background and I will be telling her about your book. I realize you have come along way but it doesn’t by no means take away from where you been. I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry for all your pain. You are the brave one. Thank you for all you are doing.

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  1. My family’s sense of humor is dark. Once, a distant cousin died in a car accident. His passenger confirmed that he’d dropped his pack of cigarettes on the floor of the car and had only looked away for a moment. At the wake, someone slipped a pack into his suit pocket, so he’d never have to reach in the afterlife…

    I had an uncle, too, who died in a private plane crash. So what did his parents decide to carve into his tombstone but a tiny, stone plane?

    I love the idea of “hold on’s.” I’m going to carry this post around in the back of my mind (or heart) for a while now, Shelie, and I’ll try to remember it the next time I truly need a lift out of the darkness. Thank you for sharing this!

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    1. Thank you for sharing with me about your cousin and uncle. I sometimes get crap about my dark sense of humor. It’s nice to know other’s appreciate a good laugh as well. I also believe it’s nice of family to love and rember who there people are and that they went down loving what they did as your uncle and cousin. We all take chances in life no matter what we’re doing. Thank you for stopping by this morning and for your kind words. You put a smile on this gals face!

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